NVISO ApkScan malware analysis report

September 17, 2019

General information
File namei_smart.apk
Other known file namesNone
OriginManually uploaded by anonymous user [2019-07-31 19:56:03]
MD5 hash35dadb0ad94a1847e66b8614dbdf3747
SHA256 hash27f0fbfe13f29879ffa4ec30cad6db59e256d477e576b9d8efda004681667e9e
File size9820.61 KB
Static malware analysis
Android manifest (AndroidManifest.xml)
No permissions requested.
No services registered.
Virus Total scan results
None of the 60 scanners detected malicious behavior.
Disassembled source code
Hardcoded URL's
No hardcoded URLs identified in source code.
Dynamic malware analysis
Screenshot or animated GIF of the analysed application

No screenshot taken during dynamic analysis.

This most likely means that your application did not run correctly on our test device.
Our test devices run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (API level 16), and currently do not support hardware OpenGL acceleration.

Since the application did not run correctly, the results in the sections below could be incomplete!

Disk activity
Accessed files
No files were accessed.
Network activity
Opened network connections
No network connections were opened.
Automatically placed calls and text messages
Placed phone calls
No phone calls were placed automatically.
Sent SMS messages
No text messages were placed automatically.
Cryptographic activity
Used encryption keys
No cryptographic activity detected.
Encryption operations
No cryptographic activity detected.
Decryption operations
No cryptographic activity detected.
Information leakage
Network information leakage
No network information leakage detected.
SMS information leakage
No SMS information leakage detected.
File information leakage
No file information leakage detected.
Started services
No services were started.
Output generated by ADB logcat
Download ADB logcat file (text format - 17 KB)
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